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Автор: Фёдорова Светлана   

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Скауты Воронежа приняли активное участие в новой игре - путешествии маленького скаута Синбада по миру. Этот каб-скаут может теперь смело приезжать в Воронеж, потому что мы пригласили его в гости и написали интересные факты про наш город и воронежских скаутов

Voronezh has a non-official name - The Cradle Of Russian Fleet. The story begins in XVII century when our Great Emperor Peter I suggested to start up the building of Russian fleet. My city was chosen because we have forests with very strong and wide trees. This forests now are not that great, but they still amase us by their marvellous scenes. To bring in this area builders Peter I brought the most beautiful women from all the Russia to live there, so men's wish of moving to Voronezh had raised. The ship called "Gott Praedestinatio" was one of the greates ships in our history. I really want to show you my city as it is full of historical monuments! There was born a lot of great poets and writers so there are many monuments of them. Not everybody knows, but Scouting was brought to Russia in difficult times, in the beginning of XX century. Our story had a lot of tragedies and we took part in the Second World War to help Russian Army. But after a several decades our organisation reborn and we could do what we do in the open way. Now we continue doing things that make us Scouts - creating a better world. We help those in need, we collect money for people who can't afford expensive medicine, we are involved in different charity problems and try to make the future generation feel the same about this World as we do. As much as it is possible we try to help our nature, for example, every spring we have special weeks that we call " A week of kindness". Being kind to everyone and everything - that is what matters in nowadays. I really hope you will be interested in our organisation and make us a visit! We are looking forward!

Be prepared!

With Scouting Greetings,

Maria Popova, Scout of Voronezh

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